Bank of Baroda Management to maintain status quo

Strike on 7 th January deferred

C.P.Krishnan (சி.பி.கிருஷ்ணன்)

It was reported in the Bank Workers’ Unity 25 th Dec 2021 issue that the Unions affiliated to AIBEA and BEFI had given a strike call in Bank of Baroda on 7 th Jan 2022 against the unilateral imposition of a new designation and role for the clerks and sub-staff in violation of the industry- wide bipartite settlements. Two separate notices were served on the Bank of Baroda Management and the one served by the AIBEA Union came up for conciliation on 4 th Jan 2022 at Ahemedabad and the other one served by BEFI Union on 6 th Jan 2022 at Kolkata. During the conciliation meetings, the Union/s pointed out that the contemplated action of the Management was unilateral and arbitrary.

Further it was pointed out that the designations, duties and responsibilities were uniformly decided by the Industry-wide bipartite settlements and Individual Bank Management did not have authority to alter the same. It was further pointed out that the clerks, in effect were forced to perform the duty of the officers in the case of Digi Saarthi.

“There was already an acute shortage of the workmen staff members and the withdrawal of about 2000 workmen from the mainstream jobs would seriously hamper the customer service and dent the image of the Bank. This would also create division among the employees in the name of incentive”, it was spelt out by the Union/s.

The Management was anxious to go for speedy digitization in order to reduce the foot fall of the customers inside the branches. After detailed discussions, the conciliation officer directed the Bank of Baroda Management

  • to maintain status-quo, i.e. not to proceed with the implementation of opening Digi Corners in the branches with Digi Saarthi and Digi Mitra
  • to have bilateral discussions with the Unions and advised the Unions
  • not to proceed on the strike

In view of the intervention of the Conciliating Officer and the commitment of the Bank of Baroda Management, the strike scheduled on 7 th January stood deferred.

Both the Unions have called upon their members to be vigilant against any such unilateral move of the Management and be ready to oppose the same through organizational actions at short notice.

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