SBI keeps its retrograde guidelines in abeyance

C.P.Krishnan (சி.பி.கிருஷ்ணன்)

SBI issued retrograde guidelines vide its circular dated 31.12.2021 which were grossly gender discriminatory. There was huge protest from AIDWA, CITU, BEFI, AIBEA and Members of Parliament from CPM and CPI and other democratic forces. Delhi Commission for women issued suo-moto notice today (29.01.2022) to the Chairman of SBI in this regard. The print and electronic media widely carried this news.

In view such wide protest, SBI management has issued a press statement today (29.01.2022) stating “….in view of the public sentiments, SBI has decided to keep the revised instructions regarding recruitment of pregnant women candidates in abeyance and continue with the existing instructions in the matter”

It is a victory for the Trade Unions, women’s organizations, Left Parties and democratic forces. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.


  1. Good.workers have a struggle story again and again proved.Red salute to CITU,BEFI and our leader CPK.

  2. Great victory for women Employees..
    AIDWA nd left movent ..Bank union
    taking Right Path.

  3. It is a good moove and the right time by the trade unions like BEFI, CITU etc., and party like CPIM. ALWAYS WE STAND FOR GENDER EQUALITY.

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