Indian Bank Employees’ Union -Odisha calls for Strike on 7th March 2022


Indian Bank Employees’ Union (IBEU)-Odisha affiliated to BEFI, representing about 80% membership in the state, had given a Strike Call on 7th March 2022 to protest against the large scale closure of branches post-merger.  Further demands include new transfer and promotion policy for award staff pending for 2 years, uniform policy for special allowance carrying posts, regularization of temporary employees as per CGIT award and payment of bonus to them.

Earlier IBEU-Odisha wrote to FGM of Bhubaneshwar against closure of branches and about other issues and conducted various struggle programmes in the form of mass deputation, demonstration and dharnas.


Before the process of merger, both the bank managements had assured the employees of better service conditions of merged entity and not to close any bank branch. After the merger, the management went against its assurance and had closed around 300 branches all over India including Odisha, due to which the State would be left with lesser branches to serve the public. Further employees were transferred on account of this and those who were receiving permanent allowances were denied of the same in the new place of posting and thus their total wages got reduced.

In blatant violation of the assurance given by the Management, many of the benefits were not retained in the merged entity. For example, in Allahabad Bank the allowance carrying posts were permanent in nature, but the same is not protected after merger. 

Even after two years of merger, the Bank has not formulated a common transfer policy and promotion policy for Award Staff including Special Assistants.  Unilateral and arbitrary transfers were effected in violation of the existing transfer policies. 

In most of the branches temporary employees have been working performing the duties of permanent sub staff for 10 to 15 years with paltry daily wages and unbearable working conditions.  Indian Bank Employees Federation (IBEF) had already obtained a favourable Award from CGIT at Chennai to regularize the temporary employees which has to be implemented by the management. 

IBEU Odisha is taking the right lead by calling for a Strike on 7th March 2022.


  1. Good that the Odisha state unit of IBEF is taking the lead in fighting on issues affecting the employees.

  2. Greetings to the fighting comrades of IBEU of Odissa.The article is giving the details of the present status of the branches and the employees in Indian Bank after merger. When there is no strong opposition from the Bank unions including in SBI against the closure of branches, the strike call given by IBEU in Odissa is the significant one.

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