Syndicate Bank got merged with Canara Bank w e f 01 04 2020. During this period, ten banks got merged into four entities. As on date, there are only 12 public sector banks, while the number was 30 earlier.

In the prevailing situation, it is imperative on the part of bank unions to assimilate between themselves, where two organisations operate. Accordingly, Syndicate Bank Staff Union (SBSU) affiliated to Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI) decided to merge with Canara Bank Staff Union,(CBSU)  affiliated to Bank Employees Federation of India.

The 12th National Conference of SBSU was held on 20th March 2022 at Chennai. The delegates and observers elected in their respective state conferences attended this national conference besides fraternal delegates from BEFI affiliates.

After paying rich tributes to Com Asish Sen and Com M S N Rao, the departed leaders, the conference commenced. Com A K Padmanabhan, Vice President, CITU inaugurated the conference with his lucid presentation on the roles and responsibilities of bank unions vis a vis the policies pursued by the Government of India. He wanted the working class of this country to express in clear terms their opposition to the economic policies pursued by this government and emphasized that the working class had the right to suggest the ways to run the government. Com C J Nandakumar, President, BEFI, in his special address stressed the importance of bank employees playing a bigger role in the two days general strike call given by central trade unions and other independent federations. Com K Krishnan, Secretary, BEFI, Com C P Krishnan, Joint-Secretary, BEFI and Com N Rajagopal, General Secretary, BEFI – TN extended their greetings. Com K Srinivasa Babu thanked all the leaders, delegates and fraternal delegates. Thus the opening session came to a close.

In the delegates’ session, Com N Subraminian placed the General Secretary’s report and Com M Jayapalan presented the accounts. After deliberations, the General Secretary’s report and the accounts were unanimously approved.

Thereafter, two resolutions one on dissolution of SBSU and the other on merger / amalgamation of SBSU with CBSU were unanimously adopted. Com N Rajagopal, General Secretary, CBSU welcomed the members of SBSU and assured that the combined entity of unions would strive hard to protect the service conditions of the employees and also would fight for absorption of HKPs, promotions, postings, transfers and harmonization of staff benefit. With the vote of thanks proposed by Com K Srinivasa Babu, the 12th Conference of SBSU came to an end.


  1. A forward movement by SBSU. Hope this culminates in the merger of two BEFI units in Canara Bank and continue their principles on protecting the service conditions and opposition to anti employee policies of the bank management.

  2. Congratulations and greetings ..Hearty welcome to the SBSU comrades to strengthen the CBSU

  3. Hearty welcome to all comrades from erstwhile Syndicate who are now united under the banner of CBSU (BEFI). Our fight to safeguard the interests of the employees and the Bank, and against the wrong policies of the government /bank authorities, has now become doubly strong.

    Lal Salam!

  4. Sir I was also present in the 12 conference of sbsu as a delegate of west bengal unit.we hope our future will be safe in the hand of cbsu .CBSU jindabad

  5. வங்கி தொடர்பாளர்கள் சுரண்டைப்படுவதை யாரும் கண்டுகொள்ளாமல் இருப்பது அவலம்

  6. கூடுதலான உறுப்பினர் பலமும் மற்றும் சங்க ஸ்தாபன பலமும் பெறும் கனரா வங்கி ஸ்டாப் யூனியன், கனரா வங்கி ஊழியர்களின் நலன் காப்பதற்கான போராட்டங்களில் வெற்றி பெறட்டும் !

  7. Congratulations and greetings ..Hearty welcome to the SBSU comrades to strengthen the CBSU

  8. It is a very good decision that Sy bank Staff union took to merge their union Canara Bank staff union as their managements are already merged With increased membership the CBSU will carry forward it’s revolutionary ideals to compate the onsloughtsof ruling racist govt

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