Bank of India agreed not to outsource – Strike on 30th March deferred

C. P. Chandrasekaran

Federation of Bank of India Staff Unions (AIBEA) has given a call for Strike on 30 March, 2022 to protest against outsourcing of permanent job and closure of the branches.  This was covered in the Bank Workers’ Unity dated 19th March 2022.

Consequent upon service of Notice of Strike by Federation of Bank of India Staff Unions dated 15th March, 2022 on the MD & CEO of the bank, the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), New Delhi intervened and authorized the Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), New Delhi to call both the parties to industrial dispute for holding joint discussion. Accordingly, Dy. CLC (C), New Delhi held joint discussions on 25th March, 2022 and 28th March, 2022.  The management was represented by CGM (HR) among others.  After protracted discussions, the management consented to the advice of the Dy. CLC (C) to negotiate on the issues raised by the Federation and not to outsource cash transportation service and control of cash in transit to private contractors. The management has already initiated to award contract to outsource cash transportation in 15 zones but not commenced. This issue also will be subject to discussion between the Management and the Federation. The Dy. CLC (C) also advised the Federation to defer proposed strike on 30th March 2022 and return to negotiating table. The next date of hearing is fixed by The Dy. CLC (C), in NEW DELHI on 10th May 2022 to evaluate the outcome of bilateral meetings and take further course of action.

In this background Federation has decided to defer the strike on 30th March, 2022 in Bank of India.

This could be possible because of the unstinted co-operation and extensive preparation by all the units of the Federation throughout India holding cluster meetings conducting powerful demonstrations, mass deputations, submission of memoranda and all other actions.  The manifestation of the unity of the employees at all India level forced the Management to halt outsourcing.

The Federation has decided to maintain the tempo in the light of the unmindful and unilateral decision of the management in attempting to change the service conditions to pave way for privatizing Bank of India. Hence other forms of protest actions other than strike action against outsourcing will remain. The struggle will continue in different forms until the outsourcing policy is rolled back.


  1. Good the bank of India management has agreed before the Conciliatory Officer on certain demands of the Union. Yet, it is all the more necessary for the Union to be vigilant and ensure the implementation of these decisions by the bank management.

  2. பாங்க் ஆப் இந்தியா நிர்வாகத்துக்கு லகான் போட்டுள்ள போராட்டம் பாராட்டத்தக்கது.

  3. It is proved again that sustained struggle will make the rulers relent. But still the Federation has to be vigilant. 👍

  4. The timely intervention of trade union is an admirable one…It should be defeated with continuous protests…

  5. Comrade, Let our struggle continue till we succeed. Union is strength ! Union is the way !

  6. நிர்வாகத்தின் தாக்குதலைப் பின்னுக்குத் தள்ளும் போராட்டம் வெற்றி பெறட்டும் !

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