It has been reported in the BWU 7th May issue that the Unions affiliated to AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI & NOBW in BOB, representing nearly 100% of the workmen, have jointly decided to launch a serious struggle against the move of the BOB Management to outsource sweeping/cleaning job at the branches and offices.

Demonstration before Zonal offices

As a part of the struggle programme, on 5th May, the joint committees of all the four Unions have been formed at the Regional and Zonal level. On 6th May, joint memorandum was submitted to all the 148 Regional Heads. On 10th May, all the workmen wore black badges displaying the demand to stop outsourcing and start recruiting workmen in adequate numbers. On 12th May, powerful demonstrations were held before all the 18 Zonal offices. Despite rain, there was a powerful demonstration before Zonal office, Chennai with thundering slogans addressed by National leaders of all the fighting organisations. On 13th May, posters were displayed before all the branches.

Violation of the Bipartite Settlement

The action of the Management in outsourcing the activities like cleaning and sweeping, the move of doubling the number of Business Correspondents and the extensive use of Baroda Global Shared Services will kill the jobs of the substaff, clerks and officers respectively. Outsourcing is a prelude to privatisation.  In terms of the 8th bipartite settlement, “IT and its related activities, in respect of specialized areas where in-house capability is not available, only can be outsourced”. Outsourcing any other activity is a blatant violation of the industry-wide bipartite settlement which attracts penal provisions under section 29 of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. But the Management of Bank of Baroda remains adamant in pursuing its unilateral policy of outsourcing.

Nation-wide strike on 30th May

Hence all the Unions affiliated to AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI & NOBW decided to observe All India Strike on 30th May.  This will be preceded by demonstrations before Regional Offices on 17th May, Dharna before Zonal offices on 20th May and Office-bearers’ deputation at Baroda Corporate Centre on 23rd May. The workers are sure to succeed in this struggle.


  1. The author had brought in clear terms the adamant attitude of the bank management even while violating the awards and settlements in banks. This unity should be at all banks, as, every bank is violating the settlement. Hope this unity ropes in unity in other banks too

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