Hail reinstatement of Shri Satvinder Singh, General Secretary, J & K Grameen Bank Officers Association


An article on the gruesome murder of Shri Vijayakumar, Branch Manager, Ellaqui Dehati Bank (RRB) sponsored by SBI at the hands of terrorists on 02nd June 2022 was brought out in our issue dated 04th June 2022.

He is the eighth victim, non-local, who fell to the bullets of the terrorists at J & K. The peace loving people and the Bank employees had protested against such heinous acts and sought the fullest protection to bank employees working in J & K by the State and Central Government besides the bank management.

It is praise-worthy that the organisations in RRB sector led the struggles from the front in which Com Satvinder Singh, General Secretary, J & K Grameen Bank Officers Association had to play his role. They were demanding safety and security of the staff working in J & K from the State Government, the Union Government and the Bank management. For reasons best known to the J & K Grameen Bank management, they chose to terminate the services of the said official w e f 20 06 2022. This atrocious act of the bank management was met with stiff resistance and protest by the organisations in J & K Grameen Bank. The Unions under AIRRBEA held protest actions and wrote letters to the bank management to reinstate the said official immediately.Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI) in its General Council meeting held on 20th and 21st June 2022 passed a resolution demanding reinstatement of Com Satvinder Singh, GS, J&KGBOA

The entire staff of J & K Grameen Bank started indefinite strike from 20th June 2022 onwards and continued on 21st June 2022. The mounting pressures from various organisations across the Nation, more importantly from bank unions forced the bank management to announce on 21st June that the special  Board meeting of J & K would decide reinstatement of Satvinder Singh on 23 06 2022. Accordingly the Board which met on 23rd June decided to reinstate Satvinder Singh with immediate effect.

This is the victory for the united determined struggle and the support of the fraternal organisations. Our greetings to the valiant struggle of the J & K Grameen Bank employees and officers. Congratulations to com. Satvinder Singh who led the struggle and came victorious. Safety and security of bank staff to be ensured by the government and bank management in all places and more importantly in J & K.


  1. Great salute to the employees of J &K Grameen banks .The lives of common men is worth nothing for any governments.The reinstatment of the officer is not adequate, the men who decided about Mr.Singh’s dismissal should own personal responsibilty and apologise openly.

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