Bank Workers Unity – e magazine – the path travelled so far…

Editorial Board

Bank Workers Unity (BWU) a bi-lingual monthly printed magazine in Tamil and English has been very special to the readers as it has had a glorious record of bringing out reliable information in the form of essays, poems, cartoons, stories, news items, life-sketch etc. on various banking as well as social events since 1978. BWU has been dear to them as the readers have always felt it as their friend and guide. About 5 years ago the printing of the magazine stopped due to various reasons. Hundreds of readers have been expressing their deep desire to re-start BWU so that it would continue to serve its intended purpose.

Thus BWU was once again re-launched, this time as a weekly e-magazine on 11th December 2021, the great poet Subramania Bharathiar’s birthday. So far, BWU e-magazine has come out continuously for 29 weeks.

Though the period may be shorter for a magazine since its second launching, for a review, the number of articles, the issues that were focused, the quality and authenticity make it “a magazine with a difference”.

It is interesting to note that so far 205 articles have been published of which 138 were in Tamil and 67 in English. As the name goes, we have brought out 88 articles concerning Banking industry including Public Sector, private sector, Co-operative sector, Regional Rural Banks etc. 27 essays on struggles by the working class, 33 on Art, 19 on economy, and 8 on exclusive women’s issues. Also we have carried articles on environment, farmers’ issues, insurance, education, leaders who were instrumental in bringing progressive socio-political changes, news of national importance. BWU has been keen to expose the exploitation of the workers and peasants and has been in the fore-front to bring a radical advancement in the society. BWU has also stoutly opposed the deep divide among the people both economically and socially. We take this opportunity to greet and congratulate the authors whose contributions have made an indelible mark on the readers.

It is remarkable to note that so far BWU e-magazine has been visited by more than 43000 visitors with the total views of more than 65000 from India and 40 other countries including USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, American Samoa, UAE, UK, Czech Republic, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Japan, Nigeria, Uganda, Israel etc.

Another hall-mark of the articles published in BWU is that these had been a source of authenticity with the working class perspective. We can proudly record that one of the articles has been referred as a source material by online news magazine “The Wire”. We are equally happy to note that many articles of BWU have been re-produced and some of its English articles have been translated into Tamil and published in Theekkathir, Tamil Daily with the working class ideology.  It is BWU that has first brought out the news of gender discrimination adopted by State Bank of India and Indian Bank. State Bank of India, upon protest from various organisations, MPs and Delhi Women’s Commission immediately withdrew those retrograde guidelines. Indian Bank, though removed those reprehensible guidelines from its site, is yet to come out with the fresh circular withdrawing the same. The issue of separate toilet for women in Bank branches that was first raised by BWU has been right earnestly taken up by Honourable Member of Parliament Shri S. Venkatesan in the Lok Sabha which resulted in the commitment made by the Union Government to ensure separate toilet for women in all the bank branches of all the Banks.

The Editorial Board has already launched Face Book page, Twitter, Telegram and Whatsapp group exclusively for BWU. We appeal to the readers and well-wishers to like the Face Book page, follow Twitter and join the Telegram and Whatsapp groups so that all the postings in the e-magazine reach you then and there.

The overwhelming response by the readers like you including the reviews, both critical and in appreciation is the driving force to bring this magazine with great zeal and enthusiasm.  We are humbled by your continuous support and patronage and expect them to continue in the days to come.

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