There has been continuous struggle in CSB Bank which has been covered by Bank Workers’ Unity. For ready reference, the link is provided here below.



Recently the CSB bank management arbitrarily issued charge sheets to more than 600 employees on frivolous grounds stating ‘password compromise’ while the Management itself utilized the passwords of the employees without their knowledge. Some of them were proposed with the capital punishment of “discharge from the service”. This is a ruse by the bank management to weaken the struggles for implementation of the 11th Bipartite Settlement and against Management’s anti-labour policy. Opposing the vindictive action of the of the bank management and demanding reversal of the proposed punishment of “Discharge from Service”, the CSB-UFBU gave a call for one day strike on 03rd April 2023 preceded by many other forms of struggle.

Following the strike call, there was a conciliation meeting between the bank management and the CSB-UFBU before the ALC (central), Thiruvananthapuram on 29th March 2023 and minutes were signed advising the bank management to take a balanced view on the issues that became the bone of contention in the strike notice. Accordingly, the punishment proposed to many of the employees with “Discharge from Service” was reversed after personal hearing. The departmental proceedings are yet to be completed for some other employees.

As a prelude to this development, the bank management called the Unions to their office at Chennai on 24th March 2023 and held separate meetings with BEFI and AIBEA leadership to arrive at a commonality and to defuse the situation prevailing in the bank. The bank management was particular that BEFI should withdraw the ID raised but that demand of the bank was not conceded. The discussion was concluded with an understanding that once the bank reverses the capital punishment, then the union would withdraw the said ID.

The strike call by CSB-UFBU on 3rd April stands withdrawn. The relentless united struggles only made the management realize their folly and forced them to come to an amicable understanding with the Unions.

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