12th Bipartite Settlement – Talks continue


During the small committee meeting held on 7th August 2023 and on 12th and 13thSeptember 2023, the issues from the side of the workmen and officers were submitted. Issues like Stagnation increments, Improvement in HRA and other allowances, Annual medical aid, leave rules, Leave Fare Concession, Overtime were raised. Introduction of Lakshwadeep Island allowance and Andaman Nicobar Allowance was agreed by IBA. The halting allowance of Clerks has been agreed to be Rs.1500/1350/1000 and that of Substaff to be Rs.1100/900/600 depending on the area. Similarly the Hotel room ceiling for Clerks was agreed to be Rs.3000/2500/2000 and that of Substaff to be Rs.1500/1250/1000 and the allowance towards food expenses agreed to be 35% of the hotel room rent. It was further agreed that at the centres with the population of 12 lakhs and above, the diem will be paid if the distance between the original branch and the deputed branch is 20 km and above.  It has been agreed for introduction of Education Allowance for 2 children upto graduation, subject to final costing. Introduction of Learning allowance and revision of deputation allowance have been agreed and the amount is yet to be decided. The revised cycle/scooty allowance at Rs.250 pm, washing allowance at Rs.300 pm and Split Duty Allowance at Rs.250 pm have been fixed. The reimbursement for periodical eye check-up for employees due to constant exposure to computer has been agreed in principle. Similarly some of the allowances for officers have been agreed to revised upwards in principle.

Subsequently the third round of Bipartite Talks has been held on 29th September 2023. IBA team was led by Mr. M V Rao, Chairman of the Negotiating Committee.  IBA furnished the details of the establishment expenses as on 31-03-2022.  However various details regarding the number of employees stage-wise and area-wise, number of employees under OPS and NPS are yet to be furnished.

From the side of the Unions the following issues were raised.

  • Early introduction of 5 days banking
  • The premium of retirees for medical insurance to be borne by respective banks
  • Updation of pension and an opportunity for resigned employees to join the pension scheme
  • Early introduction of 100% DA for pre-November 2002 retirees
  • Absorption of Special Allowance with Basic Pay

The following six sub-committees have been formed to discuss the issues in detail.

  • Revised DA scheme under 12BPS/9th Joint Note
  • Disciplinary Action and Procedure provisions for award staff
  • Disciplinary Action and Procedure regulations for officers
  • Leave rules and LFC benefits for award staff and officers
  • Review of duties of Special Pay posts for award staff

The Working Group for Leave and LFC (Officers) and that of Disciplinary Action and Procedure regulations for officerswith the representatives of AIBOC, INBOC and NOBO have been fixed on 11th October and 12th October 2023 respectively. The Joint working group to discuss DA formula with the representatives of AIBEA, NCBE & AIBOC has been convened on 11th October 2023.  The other three sub-committees for award staff for Disciplinary Action, Leave rules & LFC and Duties of Special Pay posts are yet to be convened.


  1. Very informative, the features of DA revision with base year 2016 may be explained with our views

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